Role : Lawyer

Specialist in : Labor social insurances Law

Born on the 11th of February 1971 in Constanţa.

Graduate of Nicolae Titulescu Law and International Relations Institute, Bucharest (1998)

Graduate in Judicial Sciences – specialized in Law and International Relations (1999 – Law Faculty, Bucharest Univesity) Master Degree in 2008 – Material Science and Engineering within the “Gh. Asachi” Technical University from Iaşi –specialized in Labor Health and Security

Experienced specialist of labor legislation and social insurances

13 years experience in the field of labor and social insurances

Currently adviser at the Territorial Labor Inspectorate in Iaşi


Labor Law is a branch of the law system consisting in the entirety of juridical norms that regulates the individual and collective labor relations and also the union and employers organization attributions, labor conflicts and the control in applying the labor legislation; therefore, labor law represents a specific corpus of juridical norms with a distinct regulation object – labor social relations between those that employ the labor force – the employers and those providing the work the employees.

The main normative acts from Romania that regulates the legal relations are the Labor Code, the Social Dialogue Law (no. 62/2011), HG no. 500/2011 regarding the general evidence register of salaries but also numerous other normative acts that regulates the protection of Romanian citizens working abroad, the functioning of agent for temporary work, detaching workers within the trans-national services, employment in work and detaching foreigners in Romania, placing work force abroad, day laborers activities, etc.

Also in this category we can include the judicial norms that regulates health and security in work, namely the Law no. 319/2006R, HG no. 1425/2006 modified and completed, as well as about 20 Government decisions that put into effect the content of Directive 89/391/CEE or those regarding mother protection in the work place, regulations on workers protection in severe heat, etc.


Social security law contains judicial norms that regulate social insurances relations, as well as those regarding social assistance. Through this institution, the person is protected from social risks. Protection often starts before birth (pre-natal care) and extends after death (descendant pension) (quote from “Universul juridic”). There are important regulations (most important) regarding the pension system (see Law no. 263/2010), and the unemployment insurance system (Law no. 76/2002), or those from the health insurance domain (OUG no. 158/2005).