Evenimentul Zilei, 8th December 2008

A boy from Iaşi sent Santa Claus a letter in which he did not asked for any present for him or his family. The child just wished Santa “Merry Christmas!”

I am five years old, I don’t have any little sisters, I have hundreds of toys and I love my daddy and my mommy, this is how Antonio Poroşnicu could summarize his life to those who do not know him. „I wrote a letter to Santa Claus and I drew many red dots for him, the letter should reach him, I gave it to my mommy to send it”, said Antonio. Unlike other children, the small boy did not ask for a present from Santa Claus. He just wrote, short and comprehensive:, ”Antonio, 5 years old, Merry Christmas!”.

The world, divided in two: the ugly ones and the beautiful ones

For Antonio, this world is a very simple one, divided in “ugly” ones and “beautiful” ones, characters with whom he spends countless hours without anything from the outside world to capture his interest. While he would change something here and there at his playful characters, Antonio is satisfied by the adults surrounding him. „I like everything in the adults, I wouldn’t change anything”, claims Antonio. His strong point is characters family. “I imagine some of my characters, others not. I like the ugly ones: monsters, werewolves, Iron Man, Jack Sparrow, Hulk, King Kong, T Rex, Power Rangers, the mammoth. I also have really beautiful toys that I like: Spiderman, Batman, Donkey, Pink Panther, Fionna. I would like to have a watch that can change me into a funny alien, to travel in time or to be a werewolf, to climb up mountains and eat snakes. I would also like to have an elephant, a mad dog and a quiet panther”, serenely says Antonio. The child also has more realistic desires: “I would like to spend less time drawing and get red dots and all kind of colors dots at the kinder garden, but less black dots. This year I got just a few black dots, I was good”, concludes the child.

With Snow White in his arms

Although he’s only reached kinder garden in the intermediate group, the small child has already a list with his great loves. In years, his heart was captured especially by his kinder garden colleagues, with the exception of his future aunt. “The first one was Karina, who is my age, then Romina, Mihaela of my uncle and Carla. Others I don’t remember. Now I don’t love anyone anymore”, says blushed Antonio. Toys are his weakness and capture all his attention. As it is the present month, the small child offered his mommy two toys that he carefully wrapped in tinfoil, toys that she bought for him when he was little. „I don’t get bored with my toys I only break the ones I don’t like. I threw the prince all over the house after I took his clothes off because I didn’t love him”, says the little knight from Iaşi. The story with the prince is remembered also by his mother. “It was a real problem. He was jealous of the prince, he did not want to see him and he threw it under the bed. He slept every night with Snow White in his arms, there was no other way”, tells Gianina Poroşnicu.