In the published materials by BUNA ZIUA IAȘI newspaper in the last two days, Lilian Purice was accused of having sexual intercourse with his daughter for approximately five years. Considering the gravity of accusations presented by the articles and also as the journalist investigation provided sufficient evidences to confirm criminal accusations, the investigators started the prosecution against the incestuous father for incest and rape. „Yesterday (n.r. – two days ago) we gave registration number to a file based on a journalistic inquiry. In the shortest time possible another inquiry was made in order to verify the published information. After the inquiry, a penal complaint from the injured party was filed. Hearings were made and the criminal prosecution started for rape and incest accusations”, told yesterday the prosecutor Carmina Pascal, chief of Criminal Prosecution Section within Prosecution council from Iași Court. Yesterday afternoon, around 16.00 hours, Lilian Purice was brought into police custody at the County Police Inspectorate for 24 hours. Today he will be heard at the prosecution council in front of the case prosecutor. „He committed horrifying acts through which he proved he cannot be a proper father. He is not fit to assume the parent role and therefore his punishment from the justice should be accordingly. We showed sufficient evidences to prove the gravity of his acts”, specified Geanina Poroșnicu, the abused child lawyer.

He half-heartedly recognized his acts

Yesterday, Larisa was questioned and also her mother, her aunt that took care of her but also the incestuous father. Larisa presented in detail the same events presented in BUNA ZIUA IAȘI newspaper. The way in which the first rape attempt took place and also the way in which her father abused her for almost five years were presented. Around 10.00, the father was brought to the police section escorted by the police agents from Țibănești commune. Initially, he claimed he does not know for what is called in and the girl lies. Subsequently, when he understood the gravity of the accusations, he half-heartedly recognized the committed acts; specifically, he claimed he did not rape her properly, but only simulated the sexual act with his daughter. „She was around ten when I tried for the first time, but I didn’t really rape her. I only inserted my finger in her vagina and moved my sexual organ between her legs, without penetration. I didn’t had sex with her”, declared Lilian Purice to prosecutors. Also, he recognized that in the last years he made many more similar gestures and used to rub his penis between the child legs. „Maybe I was wrong, but I did not rape her. I didn’t have sexual contacts with her, only between her legs”, claimed the man. He half-heartedly recognized the committed acts and diminished every accusation. It was clear he expected Larisa to tell the police about her ordeals. The child’s lawyer claims that inquiries should be made also to prove bad treatments of the minor child. „We expect that besides the rape and incest accusations, police should act to prove bad treatments of the minor child, as he abused the whole family and threatened his children with the knife and axe. Terror ruled in that house”, said Geanina Poroșnicu. After yesterday hearings, there are chances the man will be presented today in front of the judges from Iași Court for issuing the preventive detention warrant.