Geanina Poroşnicu from Iaşi, crossed the border of 33 countries until now. From each trip she keeps photo albums stuffed with photos and real stories about people and places.

She witnessed the huge differences between the richest and poorest people in the world and switched from the chaos of metropolises to the over-whelming silence of the deserts.  She saw Geishas in luxury cars and dentists that fix teeth in the street.

„Excursions and sufferings make you better, you realize there are things so important in this life and you really pay no attention anymore to trivial things such as the colleague giving you a bad look or the passerby that shouts something indecent to you”, says lawyer Geanina Poroşnicu.

She did not receive the visa for United States

The Iaşi native traveled for the last 26 years and says that she prefers to spend her money on holidays than invest in other things. She couldn’t visit the first place she wanted to visit until now: the United States of America. She didn’t inspire enough trust to those from the American Embassy 15 years ago and she was so disappointed she gave up trying to obtain a visa: “I will get there eventually, now I think they would accept me blindfolded, as I have four passports full of visas from different countries. It’s hard for them not to believe that I’m only a turist”.

India she liked the most and she wants to return and visit other parts of the country. In India she saw the greatest difference between the rich and poor than in any other country. “I needed a mini-passport to enter in some areas of the capital, owned exclusively by a very rich person. I was shocked most by the image of women covered in kilograms of gold. I think some of them had up to five kilograms of jewelry on them, except for the sari, which was also embroidered with gold”, recounts the lawyer.

Among the images she recalls are those of babies sleeping in cardboard boxes in the middle of the road or dentists fixing people’s teeth right in the street. „I imagine it wasn’t too clean and no anesthesia was used. It is a huge difference, is what defines India from my point of view. To see with your own eyes images from TV documentaries is fascinating. I saw how the bodies are burned on the shore of the Ganges and then the ashes are thrown into the water”, adds Poroşnicu.

Tokyo – another planet

In Tokyo you feel like in a SF movie. This is confirmed not only by Geanina Poroşnicu, but by everyone who has a chance to get there. Overlaid streets and high-speed trains: „Inside the trains, in train station, in parking lots, in shops are only computerized toilets, with music and perfume. It is marvelous! I saw there the most eye-catching and most powerful cars and motorcycles, with doors that open in any other way possible than the usual one. When you travel those overlaid streets you feel exactly as in a SF movie. You’re there, no question about it!

In China she panicked for the first time. She got lost from the group and the guide forgot to count the excursionists and the bus left without her. „It is an adventure to cross the street there. Similar to India, it is incredibly crowded and you walk shoulder to shoulder with everyone else. You have a strange feeling when you see there is no space to turn and you are carried away. We made human chains, holding our hands, if you got lost it was really hard to get directions”, remembers the Iași native.

She was amazed by the speed with which they build: “We passed one place where they started to build and when we returned, three days later, the block few stories high was already finished”.


Most elegant women are the Irish women

In Vietnam, Geanina Poroşnicu saw the only temple where all the world’s religions are celebrated: “There was a small corner for each cult. It is so overwhelming to see we can overcome the cultural and religious barriers and a Moslem can pray three meters away from a Christian, without conflicts and resentments”.

With the small basin at school

Also in Vietnam, the lawyer felt what overpopulation means, a phenomenon we only hear of in the news or documentaries. Because the country is overpopulated, the Vietnamese tried to build also on water, so the Mekong river is covered by houses, schools or kinder gardens.  „I saw children leaving home, getting on in some small basins and paddled with their small hands to get to school. It is truly touching indeed”, says Geanina.

Ireland: parties in taverns and a delicious breakfast

In Laos she entered a courthouse and felt as in the story of “Ali Baba and the 40 thieves”. “Everything seemed very old, with wooden small benches, the ones you can still find in our villages. The judge was wearing long, traditional clothes. It was the only way to distinguished him from the rest of them”, recounts her.

Geanina also visited almost all Europe, but the most impressive country for her was Ireland, with its green lush meadows, its churches at the entrance of towns, where all parishioners go at the end of the week, the breakfast with a lot of calories and the parties from taverns every night: “I find it very picturesque. They have very close-knit communities – they go to church together and then eat together”.

In Dublin I saw the most beautiful clothes and the most elegant women and in the small taverns she enjoyed the breakfast with eggs, sausages and baked ham.

SUMMARY She spent the amount necessary to build a villa

The lawyer from Iaşi considers lucky to have seen so many countries. In these trips she encountered people that travel around the world, as she does. Many times she met the same groups and exchanged experiences and traded tips about one place or another. She jokingly says she invested in trips the amount of money necessary to build a villa with pool and football stadium long grass turf. She has no regrets though. Until she is able to see the whole world, she says she would invest ten times more than she already did. On her priority list is now Disneyland, Palestine and the North Pole.

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