The excessive publicized case of the girl from Vaslui that was raped for seven hours by seven beasts provokes feedback also in Iași. The deputy Tudor Ciuhodaru expressed his intention to establish an association to support rape victims. The phenomenon is an important one, especially as rape statistics in Romania are increasingly high. Ciuhodaru specified that he enrolled the help of well know lawyer from Iași, Gianina Poroșnicu, who will also provide free legal assistance for victims and their families. It is worth noting that the public opinion is horrified after judges decided that the seven defendants should be judged in custody.

Yes, it is Gianina Poroșnicu law firm, who offered to provide free legal assistance which is needed. It is a normal approach. We will have the best judicial representation in this case. There is no support of any kind for rape victims. According to statistics, in Romania a rape takes place every four hours. A place where the victim receives medical assistance is badly needed. In our legislation, rape can still be mediated. It is incredible what happens in Romania in 21st century. We will start with volunteers. There are also psychologists that can help us”, declared Tudor Ciuhodaru, UNPR deputy. 

“I congratulate mass media for the campaign. I believe there is an exceptional human solidarity. All of us should fight evil. Rape is a primitive, degrading, punishable and penalized act by all civilized societies of the world. The judge has to find the courage to apply an exceptional coercion. This “democratization” of the justice act is badly received by the public opinion and leaves a bad impression”, declared lawyer Gianina Poroșnicu.

”I believe that at the present time, in Romania there is a great amount of sexual, physical and emotional violence and the legislation is exceeded by this national calamity. I am a clinician psychologist with forty years of experience in the field and I have made a discovery that may seem shocking but will be, I think, confirmed by my colleagues: most of the patients with depression-anxiety symptoms usually have psychic-traumatic previous episodes connected to physical, emotional or sexual aggression. As a professional I have to evaluate and treat the consequences of psychic traumas, but personally I am affected by the helplessness in sanctioning and stopping the violence. Unfortunately, the violence is omnipresent in Romania – a lot of domestic violence – and this is happening due to faulty mentalities, flaws in education but mostly because of hesitating and soft legislation.giani1

Professional studies warn that the victims of sexual, physical or emotional violence lose their self-esteem and trust and in turn become depressive. The costs of every depression are individual and social and I think a firmer legislation to prevent and stop violence should be urgently adopted”, said Ermina Sorocianu, clinician psychologist, ”Sf. Spiridon” Plyclinic in Iași.

Via Atac de Iași