We should be reasonable in such situations. Some people may be located at the opposite pole and may feel confuse because of the infodemic, respectively the exceeding flow of information that can sometimes be contradictory, from very many sources, including the ones that offer "fake news”, e.g. the news that people are not allowed to get out in quarantined towns. In this way, on a short term, we can feel a strong fear that may later turn into anxiety. In its turn, the anxiety that leads to certain insurance behaviours such as: emptying the shelves of tins or disinfectant, avoiding crowded places or wearing masks by the healthy people.

The media fully enables the promotion of such behaviours. From the press we find out shocking news such as the mortality rate, not the remission rate or information about shocking cases, personal dramas and traumatising experiences. In this process, anxiety increases and on the long term it brings along unexpected behaviour and phobias that are hard "to heal". Thus, the positive thinking is an important weapon doubled by information and reasoning.  The support of the specialists is more than necessary, especially for vulnerable persons from a psychological point of view.