An insurance process made two lawyers from Iași to confront themselves in front of magistrates from Bârlad Court, namely Gianina Poroșnicu and Ionel Nechita (photo, left). The latter was defeated in a recent trial date. More precisely, Poroșnicu represents the family of a victim of a traffic accident that took place in Vaslui county, while Nechita represents the administrator of the society that is under investigation for the accident. Consequently, his assets were blocked, with 1 million euro being requested as compensation.

Emil Savin, king of asphalt and Vaslui

Emil Savin, whose property is being seized is administrator of Transmir SRL company, the biggest firm for asphalt repairing from Vaslui county. The seizure was placed on movable and immovable property. Savin is a well know character – he obtained many contracts with the state, mainly concerning asphalt work. He made repairs to section DJ Vaslui – Iași. Only last year, the firm had a fiscal value of over 30 million Ron, which amounts to 7 million Euro. According to the official data, the profit was 900 thousand Ron and the number of employees exceeded 100. Emil Savin was contacted on the phone, but he declined to comment the court decision. It is worth noting that he was brought with a warrant before judges, since he did not comply with subpoenas.

The trial was difficult to budge poro

The accident took place in 2009. Emil Savin asked his employee Diaconu Vasile Gheorghiță to bring a loading machine to a working post. The machine was not adequately signaled and due to the dark, Rădăcină Constantin, driving a Ford couldn’t avoid the collision. He died shortly afterwards. During the investigation, based on professional expertise, from the Regional Direction of Roads and Bridges (DRDP) Iași, the machine had to be transported with a trailer and was not allowed to be driven on a public road. Even if the evidences are clear, the official process did not started for five years. A complaint and a judicial investigation were needed in order for the file to be sent last year before Bârlad Court. ”I believe that it is a success considering that it is the result of a five years struggle, an act of justice made by the judge”, declared well known lawyer Gianina Poroșnicu (photo left).

The accident perpetrator acted after hours

According to the indictment the perpetrator did not want to comply with his superior’s orders. “On 28th October 2009, Diaconu Vasile Gheorghiță was employed as a mechanic at SC Transmir SRL, full time for an indefinite period of time, working eight hours per day, 40 hours per week. According to his job description, he was subordinate to his director and as the specific working conditions he was working in the firm in different working posts, on temporary sites belonging to the firm. At the same time, the suspect Cocu Georgeta was hired as chief section of roads and bridges. On 18th of October 2009, around 18 pm, Emil Savin called her to transmit Diaconu Vasile Gheorghiță to bring a loading machine to Sălcioara working site, respectively at SC Mira SRL, site located at around 6 km away. She complied and told the employee the task. Initially, Diaconu Vasile Gheorghiță was reluctant as the working program was over and, on the other hand, it was dark already and the road to the working site on DE 581 was risky, considering the size of the machinery – a FIAT HITACHI W270, with registration plate VS-136-Murgeni. (…) The loading machine followed with its right side on the outer rim of the road and the other side on the roadway. After 400 meters Diaconu Vasile Gheorghiță felt a hit in the back of the machine. Realizing what had happened, he contacted the police and the ambulance but the driver of the Ford with registration plates VS-03-NYJ, couldn’t be saved”, shows the prosecutors indictment.

Savin, involved in another case emil savin

According to Vaslui press, a 42 years old man, from a commune in Vaslui, Blăgești, died after being hit by an SUV. A colleague of the deceased sheepherder declared that Emil Savin, administrator of SC Transmir SRL and his son-in-law followed them with the car and beat them as they were supposedly trespassing with their sheep on a hunting ground belonging to the businessman. The businessman (photo, left) claims he was not in the car at the moment of the accident and his son-in-law accidentally hit the sheepherder.

Ciprian BOARU