Buna Ziua Iasi, 17th of July 2009

Surprising statements yesterday from a drug dealer in Pașcani: he said in front of the prosecutors that most of the young people from the city are using drugs even in their blocks of flats halls and sell each other different amount of “magic substances”. Even if he tried to picture the drug trafficking in Pașcani as a real phenomenon and he as only a user rather than dealer, the magistrates issued a preventive arrest warrant for 29 days. Eduard Andrei Jitărescu, 20 years old, from Pașcani, was caught with 200 grams of hashish. One of the most well known dealers from Pașcani area, he was taken into custody by the prosecutors, yesterday evening, while on the street. The young man, known for his habits had in his possession two chucks of hashish, shaped as chocolate bars. Most probably, the young man intended to place the entire quantity on the market. He caught the attention of officers from Brigade for Fighting Organized Crime (BCCO) Iași a few months ago.

In order to catch the man that supplied Pașcani and adjacent areas, he was followed by the investigators. „As a result of investigative actions, a 20 years old man was caught, in possession of 200 grams of hashish, destined to distribution on the illegal local market. He was taken into custody by the officers from Brigade for Fighting Organized Crime (BCCO) Iași” said Gheorghe Zbârnea, chief of BCCO. Eduard Andrei Jitărescu confessed that the drugs were purchased from Italy and smuggled in our country approximately two weeks ago. Although he also confessed to being an inveterate drug user, he intended to distribute the quantity on the black market. The entire quantity, valued at 18.000 RON, was confiscated. According to the investigators, the dealer systematically widened his distribution area within the municipality, but also in other adjacent areas; he used to smuggle the drugs using different methods, especially through packages. Being unemployed, he concentrated on the flourishing drug dealing. Eduard Andrei Jitărescu comes from a good family from Pașcani and lately managed to significantly increase his income as a result of drug trafficking. He could be sentenced to up to 20 years in jail.