Ziarul de Iasi, 2nd of July 2008:
A lawyer from Iași has a few tens of thousands euro in her wardrobe. Gianina Porosnicu does not save money for harder times, but instead she accommodated her desires with tens of purses and hundreds of pairs of shoes. For a few years now, the lawyer started collecting purses from all over the world, reaching an impressive number, almost 100 pieces, all belonging to famous brands. These are not the only accessories she buys with pleasure. At home she has a special wardrobe where she keeps approximately 200 pairs of shoes. Black, red, white, with Swarovski crystals or semi-precious stones, the lawyer can wear even two purses every week, without repeating them by the end of the year. “I cannot really say that it is necessarily a passion, because my greatest passion is to travel, but, for six-seven years now I started collecting purses. I buy them from the countries I travel, especially from Italy or Germany”, Geanina Porosnicu – she visited 37 countries until now.
Prominently among her collection are purses designed by the worldwide giant in luxury products Luis Vuitton, these making up the bulk of the collection. A classic purse or a casual one, Luis Vuitton brand is always worn by the young lawyer. These are matched many times with a scarf, a wallet or another accessory from the same luxury brand.

Her favorite seems to be a purse from the latest Vuitton collection, at the value of a few thousand euros. When it comes to their value she prefers not to offer too many details. “I bought them because I like very much Louis Vuitton” she abruptly says. Her collection is completed by Prada and Gucci purses.

Another weakness is represented by shoes; she has an even larger number of shoes in her wardrobes, equally valuable. “I collected in time approximately 200 pair of shoes”, recounts Gianina Porosnicu. Expensive shoes that is, brands signed by Gianmarco Lorenzi, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, she wears them regardless of the season.

Same type of Mercedes as Băsescu, Toyota Tundra customized in USA

Besides her purses and shoes Geanina Poroșnicu raised eyebrows in Iași Bar Association also through her transportation habits. The young lawyer has a limousine Mercedes S-Class, driven by a driver always wearing a suit. The young driver takes Gianina Poroșnicu wherever she needs. Her car is not any car but one that is also driven by the president of Romania, Traian Băsescu.

The lawyer claims that the car with a chauffeur is not a whim, but a necessity. “I used to have a Chevrolet Camaro, bought for me by my husband and I drove it for a while. I don’t drive anymore, because when I was pregnant I had an accident. Since then I have been afraid to touch the wheel that is why, together with my husband, we decided to hire a driver” says the lawyer.

The black Mercedes is not the only “jewel” of the family, the two have a real auto fleet. The lawyer’s husband, a prosperous businessman and a great lover of motors, has no few than six cars and two motorcycles.

The latest acquisition is a Toyota Tundra that is worth over 60.000 euros and was specially customized in the USA. “Cars are more of a passion for my husband. From my point of view, a car should provide safety first and foremost”, says Gianina Porosnicu.