Adevarul de seara, 14th of April 2011

The accomplice of the Palestinians in breaking into an exchange office minds serenely his business as the lawmen cannot find him. The mother of one of the young men managed to track him with the help of some private detectives. They filmed Marius Apostol as he was working inside the house. The third suspect in the train station robbery, said previously to be unidentified by the investigators, was easily found by the mother of one of the Palestinians indicted for robbery, attempt of robbery and abduction. 

Angelica Bara, Hani’s mother, accused along with Remzi Kilani of abducting a taxi driver and trying to rob an exchange office in December 2010, traced down the presumed accomplice in just a few days. Using the help of some private detectives, the woman showed the investigators that Marius Ioan Apostol lives quietly in the city.

„I hired a team of detectives from Bucharest and they organized a five days stakeout. They filmed Apostol who was even wearing Hani’s jacket”, says the woman. In a three pages report, the detectives state that in March: „objective is being filmed inside the house at the kitchen window (n.r. 6th of March, 20.28 pm), the objective is seen coming home with a taxi. The objective runs from the taxi to his place (n.r. 7th of March, 18.59 pm)”.

Complaint made to DGA. In spite of these actions, Apostol appear in the indictment in which the two Palestinians were prosecuted as being unidentified and it seems that the policemen couldn’t find him yet. Angelica Bara made also a series of complaints against the six policemen who caught the youngsters in the act last year, the last being filed at the Anti-corruption General Direction. „Apostol, who already has a criminal record, manipulated my son and his friend. Everything was a setup, planned to the last detail. He is a snitch to the Police. I consider that policemen manufactured this case and used Apostol to make a good impression. As my son also says, if we are all guilty, we should pay all”, claims Angelica Bara.

Although in less than a month, the two Palestinians were indicted, the third suspect file is still being processed. „The investigation is confidential. The prosecutor leads and coordinates the prosecution and makes sure the prosecution documents are being made in compliance with legal dispositions”, stated Mădălin Ţăranu, the spokesman of IPJ Iaşi. In Bara and Kilani case, the judges are still deliberating. Apostol couldn’t be contacted. He declared in the beginning of the year to a local TV station that he does not know he is wanted by Police.

„Nobody from the Police wants to find Marius Ioan Apostol”, said Gianina Poroşnicu, the Palestinian’s lawyer.