A series of articles written lately and a certain kind of press called: “scandal press”, ”press by order”, ”flattering press” determined me to think about “the violence concept” and that can clearly fall under the incidence of the civil law.
 In the circumstances in which the insult and the slander were to be penalised, the civil law has only the role of sanctioning left.

The citizens have to know that they can defend their self-esteem and peace of mind also in cases of “subtle forms of violence”, and the latter can be placed under the incidence of the civil liability, and it is also possible, in this case, to ask for moral and material compensation.
 Here is what psychologists and sociologists say about the veiled diluted forms of violence which is VIOLENCE, after all.
Interdisciplinary studies show that there are diluted, but not less harmful aspects of violence, which affect a person’s life, dignity and freedom, even in the current context of the complete recognition of the right to life, identity or expression freedom.
 According to classical definitions, violence is the use of one’s force upon another with the intention of doing harm. These classifications exclude the emotional pain caused by the domination of some persons upon others, they elude the damage caused by some organisational structures, as well as the symbolic, subtle violence, that produces coercition by the hierarchical relations.
 The social processes that cause injustice, such as the ones included in racisim or sexism are rarely included in the definitions of violence.
Henry Stuart (2000, ”What is Violence? An Integrated Definition in the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science”, 567, Jan, p. 18) plead for revealing all the details of violence, from the physical one to the emotional psychological aspects, or to the material dimension or social identity. He says that ”the harmful effects of the repression” exert an act of power in order to systematically limit someone’s availability to reach a higher level of development, expressing their own humanity, ignoring the different skills and interests.
Eric Debarbieux (2011, in ”Violence in School, an International Challenge”, p. 94) considered the role of accepting an extended definition of violence, which would practically mean recognizing the power to verbally express the prejudice felt by a series of categories forgotten by history (children with special needs, minority, immigrants, women etc).

Translation is carried out by authorized translator Nicoleta Popa