In contrast with other types of tourists that choose to spend a holiday on a lounge chair at the seaside, maybe in the shade of a palm tree, the lawyer says she preferred to use her free time to learn more about new cultures. Japan, China, India, Tibet, Cambodia or South Africa are just a few of the countries she managed to already visit.

“In contrast with what I saw in Europe, Asia surprised me with notable discrepancies between the rich men and the poor ones. In India one can see neighborhoods where richness is clearly visible, with imposing office buildings and malls. In the same time, not far away, are the poor sections of the cities, where thousands of families live in improvised, crowded shelters”, she recounts.

Menu: cockroaches larvae

Among the attraction of traveling in different countries is also the chance to try new types of traditional food specific for each country. “I did taste from the traditional food belonging to countries I traveled to. I was particularly impressed by the Indian cuisine. The multitude of spices used in these dishes is impressive and even if the food and some beverages are very spicy, they are worth trying. In the same time, in Cambodia I tried, out of curiosity, even cockroaches larvae, which were really popular with the locals”, told us the lawyer.

Desert picnic

Gianina Porosnicu says she had the opportunity to go to a picnic on a sand dune, in an experience that made a strong impression on her. “In the Middle East families usually eat after the sun sets, to avoid the intense heat, present all year long. In the area I visited, families went into the desert and once there, while the children used the sand dunes as tracks, parents set the table where roast chicken is always present”, recounts the lawyer.

Next destination: the North Pole

For lawyer Gianina Porosnicu, new experiences and unforgettable memories from all these travels are not quite cheap. “I can honestly say I invested the price of a villa in travels, but I have no regrets, since I had so much to gain. Besides the fact that I went back home with new forces and more open minded, I have learned to appreciate life at its true value”, says Gianina Porosnicu.

She also says that her next destination is the North Pole. Despite the fact that such a trip could cost approximately 10.000 euro (out of which 3.000 euro only for the necessary equipments), she say that money weren’t an obstacle. “I really want to go there, but I need time to make all the special preparations needed for such a trip”, told Gianina Poroșnicu.