Ziarul de Iasi, 14.12.2007

Investigators say the owners, along with the administrator of DanMixt Est firm and another friend recruited school girls and students. Girls were lured with money, food and drinks and were convinced to engage in sexual intercourses. Prosecutors from Organized Crime stated they “broke” a network that dealt with recruiting young women, with whom the network’s members had sexual relations. Members are businessmen, some of them being administrators of pizza places or restaurants Iasi. Girls were recruited from Iasi, Vaslui or Suceava and received food, alcohol or money for their services. The four men involved in the “business” are under investigation and have interdiction to leave the city. The action was initiated by the Border Police that was following the members of the network for some time. „We followed their moves for a time. The four persons were recruiting young girls and forced them to have sexual contacts with them and their friends, in exchange for money”, explained chief-commissioner Vasilica Tătaru, spoke woman for Border Police Direction (DPF).

Two days ago, DPF officers and from Brigade of Fighting Organized Crime (BCCO), along with prosecutors from the Direction of Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) made five concurrent searches in apartments from Iași.

following the raids, the policemen identified four men that were part of the network. Nicusor Cosuta (age 52) – owner of pizza place „Nico”, Cornel Hitruc (age 43) – owner of „Familial” restaurant, Daniel Onofriciuc (age 31) – owner of „DanMixt Est” firm from Miroslava and Dorin Cohal (age 40) were brought for hearings, but the prosecutors decided to investigate them in custody. They also received interdiction to leave the city for 30 days.