Ziarul de Iasi, 20.05.2004

Mother of celebrity Monica Bîrlădeanu is fighting in justice with a fiery Moldavian. Their dispute is not over land or house but an amorous one. They fight for the heart of Iași footballer accused of rape, Vasile Apachiței. He turns the hearts of the two women upside down, even being behind bars for the last three years. The fierce battle between the two women, with an age difference of almost three decades – the footballer is somewhere in the middle of age spectrum – moved from the street to the Police headquarter. The competing women for his heart are Minodora Tătărușanu (51 years old), mother of Monica Bîrlădeanu and Anna Ciobanu (25 years old), the Moldavian student in last year at medicine. A month ago, Minodora Tătărușanu filed a complaint against the latest “love acquisition” of Apachiței, Anna Ciobanu. The policemen were notified that Anna Ciobanu supposedly obstructed repeteadly the one who was the footballer’s companion until his meeting with the Moldavian girl.

Minodora Tătărușanu complained to the policemen that the young girl who stole Apachiței heart threatened her repeatedly and also insulted her many times. The celebrity mother told that one day, returning from work, she remained dumbfounded when she found in front of her door a black scarf symbolizing mourning. Also, she complained about threatening calls received both at home and at work – she works as a governess at the “Ion Creangă” Extended program kindergarden from Tătărași. She also recounted that everytime she met her 26 years younger rival on the street, she would receive obscene words and gestures from her.

“With whom you want to stay and to whom you want to let go?”

Responding to the attacks, Anna Ciobanu attached to the Police file some of the letters sent by the mother of the celebrity to Apachiței in prison. Balancing the two loves offered by the two women in his life, the former footballer seems to favor his new lover; therefore he gave her the pile of letters received in prison from her first lover. The letters are an ace up the sleeve of the young student, as they contain insults addressed to her by the older woman; as the letters belong now to her, even if they were written by the other woman, she decided to make them public. She wants to prove that the real reason Minodora calls for her investigation is the loss of her lover’s heart. “The insults she addressed to me”, said the student, “are in the love letters sent by Minodora to Vasile”. In one of the letters, Monica’s mother implored Vasile to choose one of them or to send him packages with healthier food. “I would like you decide about us, the women in your life. With whom you want to stay and to whom you want to let go. I really want you to decide!” demanded Monica’s mother.

„Maybe I would even ask you to marry me!”

Also she admitted defeat, asking herself: “how much do you love me and why did you leave me? Why didn’t you believed me and my feelings? Why did you cross the border of love? Didn’t you know that there is only hate, hate that mutilates souls and destroys lives?”. In another letter she pleaded with him to turn his heart towards her. “If I would be the only one in your life, I would come monthly to see you, I would take care of your soul comfort and not only and maybe I will ask you to marry me! What do you think? Do you want to come to our wedding?” To assure him more about her strong feelings, the celebrity mother signed the letter with the words: “I kiss your mouth and those sad eyes”.

„She will rip my blonde hair that subjugated Vasile”

If the case reaches the trial stage, the student plans to use the letters to show that she was the one insulted and threatened. “She threatened me she will rip my blonde hair with which I conquered Vasile. Also she said the most obscene words and told me I would never pass my graduating thesis because she will banish me from Romania. Many times she claimed that no blonde Russian will take Vasile away from her”, said Anna, the ex footballer’s younger lover.

Supported from prison by her imprisoned lover (in Vaslui Penitentiary), Anna hopes this episode will end without any shocking revelations from the intimate life of the trio. “I don’t know how she can complaint against me in justice to reclaim his love, when she knows his detention was prolonged with three more months due to her allegations claiming he beat her”, added the student.

“I have no comment about my relation with Vasile”

Anna’s lawyer, Gianina Poroșnicu, said that “Vasile Apachiței was my client and I defended him in many trials. Anna Ciobanu is also my client. I know both of them very well. I don’t think any trial can undermine their love story”. The lawyer also offered a solution to the conflict. She added that “the most decent solution to the legal complaint made against my client could be the withdrawal of the complaint by Mrs. Tătărușanu. A legal trial between the two women could only end in the judicial and image detriment of the plaintiff”. Contacted by us, the mother of Monica Bîrlădeanu refused to comment the war she wages with the Moldavian student, the current holder of “Apachiței trophy”. She just said: “When I found a black scarf at my door, I thought is normal to complaint to the Police. Other than that I have no comment about my relation with Vasile”.

War of “hearts” at the Police

The conflict between the two women started many years ago, even before his arrest. “After almost four years of living together with Tătărușanu, he left her for me” seems to declare victoriously Anna Ciobanu. They began to compete in spoiling the ex footballer, with fine dishes and words. He indulged in their rivalry and at the end of his prison sentence decide to choose the younger woman. His decision is made clear by the pile of letters sent by the older woman. Now, they wage a war of „hearts” at the Police and it is possible that, depending on the investigation results, the accusations would become legal.  (Adina CÎȘLARU)

How was the ex footballer jailed for rape

Vasile Apachiței was arrested in 2001 and sentenced one year later for rape and sexual perversions to 5 years in prison. The ex player of Politehnica was found guilty of aggression against a Ukrainian student at the medicine. According to the bill of indictment, the ex player lured the student into drinking something with him in one of “Luceafărul” Theater lobby rooms. With direct threats he silenced her by stuffing a stocking in her mouth and then forced her to have anal sex. Being arrested for more than three years, Vasile Apachiței hopes to be release on probation. The upcoming of his release, determined the two women, one 10 years younger and the other 15 years older than him to dispute their supremacy.