The movable property of business man Emil Savin, owner of the firm that laid asphalt on the county road Iaşi – Scânteia – Vaslui, were ordered to be sequestered by the court, as a result of an request made by lawyer Gianina Poroşnicu, in an involuntary manslaughter file. What was the crime?

A lawyer from Iaşi managed to get in court the sequestration of mobile and immobile property belonging to one of the most important builders in Moldavia. Businessman Emil Savin, owner of Transmir firm that realized many repairs and asphalt layering of roads in Iaşi county, including rehabilitation of DJ 248 Iaşi – Scânteia – Vaslui, has his account frozen as a result of a request filed by lawyer Gianina Poroşnicu, in a case in which she represents the descendants of a man deceased in a traffic accident.
Poroşnicu requested the court seizure of Transmir movable property since it is responsible civil part in the process – a vehicle involved in the fatal accident is registered to the firm.

Stalled case for more than five years

„Insurer sequestration was established on all movable and immobile property. The file was under investigation 5 years and as a result of judicial control it was ordered the disjunction of the civil action from the criminal action as the family of the victim Rădăcină Constantin filing numerous complaints to CSM“, told us Gianina Poroşnicu.
The sequestration was ordered by Bârlad Court, where the file regarding the deceased person is pending. From the criminal law point of view, the process was finalized by the first court, when an employee of Emil Savin was sentenced to one year suspended in prison.

Regarding the tragedy that brought the sequestration to the millionaire Emil Savin, it took place on the 28th of October 2009. Then, according to the prosecutors, Gheorghiţă Vasile Diaconu, employed as a machinery mechanic at SC Transmir, was sent by his superiors to drive a loading machine to a guest house owned by the same Emil Savin. Prosecutors noted that Diaconu started to drive the machine after hours and in front of him there was a car driven by another driver from Transmir firm. After covering less than half of kilometer, a Ford driven by Constantin Rădăcină bumped into the machine and the latter died.

Without any signaling lights

After an expert report, the prosecutors concluded that the machine belonging to Transmir had no adequate signaling equipment. „The loading machine did not have fluorescent-reflective plates, with white background and red frame, on the front left side; it did not have fluorescent-reflective devices on the back side, as close so possible to the sideways, made up of alternating white and red strips, downward to the exterior; it also did not have special yellow warning devices and also no sideways lighting“, the indictment reads.

Also, in the same document shows that the machine was prohibited from the national roads unless was carried by a trailer. Emil Savin was not available yesterday to present his point of view.