According to investigations made by the policemen and prosecutors, Corneliu Petriu signed, together with Iftode, the majority of documents sent to “Banc Post” in order to obtain loans. The investigators say that some of the documents were false and the loans contracted by the firm “Stejar Company”, namely seven of them, were illegally offered with failure to comply bank regulations. Corneliu Petriu is accused of complicity to fraud, forgery and use of forgery, using the company loans, fraudulent bankruptcy and association to commit felonies. Prosecutor Gheorghe Suhan declared that confrontations between Petriu and Iftode will be made, to clearly establish what each contribution in this case was. From the defense point of view, Petriu’s arrest is unjustified.  “Even tomorrow (today – n.r.), I will file a complaint and ask for dismissal of the warrant. I consider Corneliu Petroiu’s arrest to be illegal and ungrounded”, said lawyer Gianina Geantău.

Brief history

Arrests in the “Sugar File” started around middle of February 2002, when Vasile Iftode, a well known business man who would have liked to control the sugar market in Moldova was held into custody. He was followed by Bebi Romanțov, owner of “Net” tourism agency. Other three bankers accused of fraud, forgery and use of forgery, association to commit felonies and corruption were also held into custody. One of them is the former director of “Banc Post” Păcurari agency, Ion Stavarache, second one is the former director of “Banc Post” “Nicolae Iorga” agency, Neculai Paraschiv and the third, Eduard Constatin Păvăloiu, is former loan inspector at the Păcurari agency of the bank. Other two people were arrested in connection to “Sugar File” – they are close collaborators of Iftode, namely Cristian Graur and Ionuț Potinga. (Radu BURLACU)