Ziarul de Iasi, 1st of January 2008

The one courting Alina Horeanu is her very accomplice in crime, Vlad Scurtu Irimia. The proposal was made in writing, through letters and Alina Horeanu didn’t reply yet. She was courted inside the Penitentiary by her lover and accomplice. At the end of last year, she received two letters from Vlad Scurtu Irimia. In those letters he was proposing to take her as his wife. To be more convincing, he even requested a visit to the speaker, hoping he would receive a positive answer.

„I know about the proposal and about their meeting, but I do not know what Alina will decide”, declared Gianina Porosnicu, the young woman lawyer.

If she will decide to marry Scurtu, their relationship will become official inside the Maximum Security Penitentiary from Iasi. They could benefit from maximum 48 hours in the matrimonial room. Then, periodically they can request meetings in the same room or at the speaker.